How Much Does OrderNova Cost?


OrderNova offers 3 separate modules that allow you to customize the software to meet the needs of your bakery.

Online Purchasing
Allow your customers to purchase your products from a website
Advanced Products
Create customizable products that allow for easy ordering of complex items.
Recurring orders and customer specific pricing to fill the needs of your wholesale business

With our Silver Plan you can choose any one of the above modules.  With our Gold Plan you can choose 2 of the above modules.  With our Platinum Plan you get access to all 3 modules.


OrderNova also offers 2 separate addons that can be added to your account.

Additional Stores
You can add more store locations to your OrderNova account.  Adding more stores will allow you to set pickup locations for each store and allow customers that order online with our Online Purchasing module to choose the location they want to pickup their order.

Customer Managed Wholesale Orders
This addon requires the Wholesale Module. 
The Customer Managed Wholesale Orders addon allows your wholesale customers to manage their own orders through an online portal.  Customers can change or cancel orders up to 48 hours before their order is due.

Each additional store you add to OrderNova is $49/month.  The Customer Managed Wholesale Orders addon is also $49/month.

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