Understanding Your Subscription

Thanks for signing up for OrderNova!  Our goal is to provide you with the best bakery order management software in the world. 

If you have an opinion about our software please share it with us at hello@ordernova.com.

Subscription Level

Your OrderNova subscription comes in one of 3 subscription levels:

Sliver - Allows access to one OrderNova module.
Gold - Allows access to two OrderNova modules.
Platinum - Allows access to three OrderNova modules.

You can upgrade, downgrade, or cancel your subscription at any time.


Online Purchasing - Allow your customers to purchase your products on your OrderNova web store
Wholesale Order Management - Create wholesale customers and recurring orders.
Advanced Products
 - Create product templates and attributes to allow for easy cake ordering.


OrderNova also has 2 add-ons that can be applied to your subscription.

Additional Stores - additional options for pickup locations for your orders
Wholesale Customer Self-Service - an online portal for your wholesale customers to login and manage their own orders.  This add-on requires you have the Wholesale Orders Module.

Trial Period and Billing

When you sign up for OrderNova your 15 day trial period will begin.  Once you have tested the system and decided you would like to start a subscription you can navigate to the Settings page of the Bakery Owner account (the initial email address used to sign up for the OrderNova trial).

No matter when you sign up for an OrdernNova subscription you will get a full 15 days free.  Your first subscription payment will be billed after your 15 day trial and then every month afterwards unless you cancel your account.

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